Guilden Sutton Green Space

Hooks Wood   

The Pond

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What's happing to it?

The pond, at the far side of Hooks Wood is being restored to support and encourage wildlife. It has been enlarged, deepened and the surrounding vegetation cleared to allow light in from the south and west. After this, the pond will be left to its own devices and we will see wildlife  soon start to flourish.

Progress so far

February 2021 - The Hooks Field purchased
March 2021 - Field prepared for tree planting. Trees planted  (4,800) 
April 2021 - Dry hedging to protect the pond and eventually the tree areas
May/June ...... Mulching using wood chippings to prevent weed and grass from overcoming the trees and to keep the ground moist.
17 July 2021  - Hooks Wood opened  
October 2021
- Pond area cleared 
Sun 27 November 2021
- additional tree planting

  • fencing along the approach track
  • additional tree planting and mulching
  • weed removal
  • pond maintenance
  • leave for the trees to develop (8 years)
  • 2023
  • various maintence tasks including clearing ditches
  • removing tree guards
  • cutting grass paths
  • pond maintenance
  • leave the trees to develop (7 years)

  • Who are Guilden Sutton Green Space?

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    The aim

    The aim is to create a new community green space in Guilden Sutton – a place for people to play, exercise, gather and enjoy the outdoors, and a place for nature to thrive

    Local field
    So far......

    4,800 native woodland trees and shrubs have been planted. The trees are now being protected with mulch to keep weed and grass growth down and conserve moisture 

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    How can I get involved?

    We will keep you updated through this website, the Facebook page and our newsletter to those who subscribe to it. If you would like to receive regular updates through the newsletter please ask to be included by filling in and ticking the box in the Contact form