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The land we are trying to purchase


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Two fields have been identified as suitable, both behind the Old School and adjacent to the Green Lane bridleway.
The intention is to acquire the two fields as rapidly as possible. So far funding has been allocated for the field nearer Guilden Sutton Lane and this will be purchased first. The second field will require significant fund raising but the quicker it is purchased the better, so the whole project can come together as rapidly as possible.

There is a gas pipeline beneath the fields parallel to and 10M from the Green Lane bridleway (the sort you see indicated by orange and white poles at roadsides). Over recent weeks we have continued working with CWAC to make sure that the Green Space proposals will meet planning requirements. This has included statutory consultation with the Health and Safety Executive, in respect of the gas pipeline that runs along one edge of the field bordering the bridleway (Green Lane). We have also regularly checked back with the Parish Council, Mersey Forest and other funding providers, to make sure that everyone is kept in the loop as the plans develop.

We are looking for funding to buy both of the fields in one go so we can get on with the project as fast as possible. We are exploring a couple of useful funding sources one of them being the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB website here) but if anyone has any knowledge or ideas of any funding opportunities the please get in touch. Once the land is purchased funding becomes available for other initiatives and use for the land. Land of this sort fetches around £10K per acre. The two fields of interest occupy around 8.2 acres.


Some suggestions for use of the Green Space

By talking to people and via the contact form, various suggestions as to the use of the Green Space are being put forward (as well as many of you offering to volunteer and help - many thanks).

Below is a list of some of your ideas. Add your own preferences to the contact form and visit the Kids page for their ideas here

Nature trail
Sensory area

Communal garden
Bee hives
Bird boxes
Sponsor a tree

Dog walking
Solar generation
Adventure trail


Examples of similar projects

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Don't forget we have our own linear wood in the form of Green Lane byway joining Guilden Sutton Lane with Station Lane.